By knowing and understanding your HockeyType, you can gain insight into your biologically based personality traits to understand how those traits influence you as a player (or a coach). You’ll understand why some players are intense and driven and others more laid-back and easygoing. Why some players can do the same drill over and over and never get bored, while another gets bored after 2 reps. Why some players get chippy during a game, and others can play at an even keel shift after shift, game after game, no matter what is going on around them. In other words, knowing your HockeyType helps you gain a better understanding of what’s going on in your head that causes you to think, act, and feel the way you do.
What’s my HockeyType and why should I care?
Becoming a CompletePlayer is about having the right skills, the right knowledge, and the right attitude. And if we drill down into each of these areas you’ll find that your skills, knowledge, and attitude are ultimately determined by your temperament and character - i.e., your HockeyType.
Coaches Want Character Players That Have:
  •  FOCUS - attention skills, speed of decision making
  •  DRIVE - high compete level, strong work ethic, confidence, and motivation
  •  BOUNCEresilience, composure, adaptability, and courage
  •  PERSEVERANCE - persistence, dedication, mental flexibility
  •  CHARACTER - responsibility, accountability, pride, and a team-first attitude
  • PASSION -  gratitude, optimism, modesty, and selflessness
Research at Rutgers University by personality expert Dr. Helen Fisher found that each individual is a unique blend of four personality types. And by knowing a person’s primary and secondary personality type, they can better understand their tendencies, habits, and overall temperament.

The HockeyType Assessment was adapted from Dr. Fisher’s model and allows a player or coach to learn more about their personality type, or what I call HockeyType.
Completing the HockeyType assessment takes less than 5 minutes and once completed you will be directed to a detail breakdown of your HockeyType.
Be sure to answer each question honestly and based on how you see yourself right now (not how others see you or how you think others see you or how you wish you were). It’s better to go with your gut and let your first instinct answer be your choice rather than overthinking or spending too much time on each question; there are no right or wrong answers so let it rip!
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